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Countdown to 2017 Summer: 2017 Alumni Show

We are counting down to our 2017 Summer, and this week, we have another calendar update with our 2017 alumni show date!

Countdown to 2017 Summer

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2017 Alumni Show Date Set!

Due the popularity of the alumni show in recent years, this year we are putting together another alumni show where alumni are invited down to The Aqua Bowl to ski a special Min-Aqua Bats show. So if you live in the area, or are back in town for the holiday, come down and ski the show!

  • Date: July 3, 2017
  • Show Time: 7pm
    • Alumni should aim to arrive by 6pm.
  • Contact: Former Vice President, Zeke Fashingbauer
    • If you believe you will attend, please try to shoot a message to us or Zeke so we have a feeling for acts, skiers numbers, etc. and that will allow us to try and fill spots with active members if a few are needed.

Former Vice President, Zeke Fashingbauer will be the primary alumni point of contact for the show. If you cannot reach Zeke and need to know more, just ask and we will get the answers for you.

We have updated our calendar, and look forward to seeing everyone at The Aqua Bowl!