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Countdown to 2017 Summer: 2017 Calendar Set!!

We are counting down to our 2017 Summer, and with just over 2 weeks left we have finalized our calendar for 2017!

Countdown to 2017 Summer

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Min-Aqua Bats’ 2017 Summer Calendar Set

We finished creating our 2017 calendar!

  • Min-Aqua Bats’ tryout dates are set for July 25th and 27th, 2017.
  • For now, the Labor Day Show is our final show on the Friday before Labor Day (September 1, 2017); we will assess participation level near the beginning of August and will evaluate our end of summer show possibilities based on expected skier participation.
  • All normal Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday ski shows have been added to the calendar.

Throughout the summer we may add a few more special items, but we will be sure to post about those calendar updates as they occur!