2013 Min-Aqua Bats preparing for the 4th of July parade

Countdown to 2017 Summer: 4th of July Shows Announcement

(Feature photo credit: Danny Smylie)

We are counting down to our 2017 Summer!  This week, we announce our shows around 4th of July!

Countdown to 2017 Summer

10. A final thank you to our 2016 sponsors.
9. Our 2017 first show date announcement.
8. Fall in love with summer by watching a collection of 2016 Min-Aqua Bats footage.
7. Team Photos website collection!
6. 4th of July Shows Announcement

4th of July Shows!

We are proud to announce we will have shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday prior to the 4th of July in addition to our special 4th of July show!  We have updated our calendar with all of these shows.

Some may recall an alumni show in recent years, and we are actively looking into the possibility of an alumni show in 2017. Stay tuned to the countdown for more specialty dates as we approach the summer!