Min-Aqua Bats Team Photo Collage

Countdown to 2017 Summer: Team Photos Collection

We are counting down to our 2017 Summer!  This week, we added a few blast from the past photos to our team photos collection.

Countdown to 2017 Summer

10. A final thank you to our 2016 sponsors.
9. Our 2017 first show date announcement.
8. Fall in love with summer by watching a collection of 2016 Min-Aqua Bats footage.
7. Team Photos website collection! (this post)
6. 4th of July Shows Announcement
5. 2017 Alumni Show Announcement
4. What makes a Min-Aqua Bats’ clown?
3. Min-Aqua Bats’ 2017 Summer Calendar Set!
2. New Ski Nautique for 2017!
1. Meet Our Major 2017 Sponsors!

Do you have a team photo to contribute?

We are actively looking for more team photos to help show off the great history of the Min-Aqua Bats. You can submit the photo via email to club@min-aquabats.com. In addition to filling in the gaps, if you have a photo or can produce a photo that is higher resolution than our current photo for that year, we would greatly appreciate your submission as well!

If the photo is not digital, you can create a digital copy of the photo using a high resolution scanner or using a photo scanning app on your smartphone! I recommend Google’s PhotoScan app as it is easy to use and is available on both the Apple Store for iOS/iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android.

Our Latest Additions to Team Photos

1976 Min-Aqua Bats
1976 Min-Aqua Bat Team Photo


1982 Min-Aqua Bats
1982 Min-Aqua Bats team photo submitted by Karin Smithing Francis


1983 Min-Aqua Bats
1983 Min-Aqua Bats Team Photo submitted by Karin Smithing Francis


2010 Min-Aqua Bats
2010 Min-Aqua Bats Team Photo