Collage of Min-Aqua Bats' Clowns

What Makes a Min-Aqua Bats’ Clown?

Jansci Smithing

Why did Jansci become a clown?

Min-Aqua Bats Clown Act - Peter Wahman as Zebra Cakes salesman
Peter Wahman as a Zebra Cakes salesman while young Jansci Smithing (in green) consumes a zebra cake from the Min-Aqua Bat clown.

Peter and the pickle selling inspired me to become a goof clown. My favorite act as a kid was the pickle man and zebra cake goof. I even have a picture of Peter Wahman as the zebra cake guy, and me as a little kid!

Plus the act looked super fun, it was unusual, the goof act stood out from the rest of the show.


What was Jansci’s favorite clown act that he remembers but did not participate in?

Min-Aqua Bats Clown Act - Jansci Smithing & Dalton Roth
Jansci Smithing & Dalton Roth bailing out on goof.

My favorite goof act as a kid was the pickle salesman, [Stephen Smith], versus the zebra cake salesman, [Peter Wahman].


What was Jansci’s favorite clown act that the he participated in?

I don’t know. I have so many favorites. Recreating the zebra cake versus pickle salesman one is a classic. The prom skit is also good, and thumb wrestling is always very fun.

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