Collage of Min-Aqua Bats' Clowns

What Makes a Min-Aqua Bats’ Clown?

Billy Fried

Why did Billy become a clown?

I certainly was inspired by those who did it in the past. I really am not in the mold to be a comic, but with Lance doing all the funny stuff, all I had to do was dress like a girl, be shy and not say much. If I did talk, I just was short spoken with a high pitch squeak. Skiing was my forte and of all the acts, this took the most out of me, but certainly was a highlight of my time on the club.

I stepped into the act when Tim Donahoe had retired from the club to get serious with his summer/career pursuits. I was on a fairly young club and was happy to step in when Lance asked me to.


What was Billy’s favorite clown act that he remembers but did not participate in?

Basically the ones I followed with basically the same routine, but we each had our own twist. Tim Krolczyk and Mr Lee, Tim Donahoe and Lance Krolczyk; Tim Donahoe added the girl twist as the prior was two hillbilly like characters.


What was Billy’s favorite clown act that the he participated in?

Min-Aqua Bats Clown Act - Lance Krolczyk & Billy Fried as Min-Aqua Bats' clowns
Lance Krolczyk (orange hat) & Billy Fried during the clown act

My favorite and the one we repeated over and over was where I was Wilamena. I dressed up as a girl, or more like a older lady, with full make-up and lipstick — the aquamaids had a field day doing my make-up. My character was avoiding her boyfriend Muskie Mike who was played by Lance Krolczyk. Lance was the front man, he did all the talking and searching the crowd for me. I would hide in the stands and move section to section throughout the show and eventually got to the dock to ask for help to escape. I would ski off to avoid the pursuit of my so called boyfriend. As I was out skiing, Lance would yuk it up and the favorite was him flopping around on the dock and when asked what was wrong, he would reply “He had a minnow in his ear”. We used the old bucket of water trick, and changed it to confetti when we went to the stands to throw, that trick always got people.

I would ski around, he would do the hitchhiker routine before falling off in the shallow end, and as he was drowning the announcer would tell him to stand up, and to his embarrassment discover he was in shallow water.

Once I slit the calf of the announcer so much so he needed 5 stitches

To fend him off I would stomp on him in the water as I skied by, and then put a ski on the dock as I whisked by. The announcer would skirt away from me, and tell the driver to get me out of here. Once I slit the calf of the announcer so much so he needed 5 stitches, but that was not until the show was over, as he was the show must go on kind of guy and never missed a beat.

As I hit the jump and frailed to a crash, Lance would need to rescue me. The antics continued until I gave him one last dump into the lake and the announcer concluded the act with “And the water skier wins again in a little act we call goofing off”
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