Collage of Min-Aqua Bats' Clowns

What Makes a Min-Aqua Bats’ Clown?

Tristan Hansen

Why did Tristan become a clown?

Min-Aqua Bats Clown Act - Tristan HansenBecause there was no one else to do it.


What was Tristan’s favorite clown act that he remembers but did not participate in?

once a Bat, you are always a Bat

Favorite I’ve seen would be Wilhelmina and the baby. Phil Smith and Ted Galaty came back a few years after they had left the team and did their act again, it may not have been the best they had done together, but it was great for a different reason; it reminded all of us that once a Min-Aqua Bat, you are always a Min-Aqua Bat.


What was Tristan’s favorite clown act that the he participated in?

Tyler Christopherson and I used flavorless jello to style our hair like Zoolander. We had the crowd doing blue steel. It was utter nonsense but the crowd got into it.

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