Collage of Min-Aqua Bats' Clowns

What Makes a Min-Aqua Bats’ Clown?

Conor Bolger

What inspired Conor to become a clown?

Min-Aqua Bats Clown Act - Kevin Bolger & Conor Bolger
Conor (right) and his brother Kevin.

Growing up in Minocqua, Wisconsin I was able to go to the shows quite often. I learned the ins and outs of the show each year. The skiers continually did the same things, besides some shows when the waves where big and the skiers couldn’t perform at all. However, there was one aspect of the show, no matter the water conditions that seemed to bring a smile to my face and an element of surprise; this was the clown act. I learned early that the clown act was a valuable part of the show. So when I joined the club and in my junior member year when I couldn’t ski (seniority rules), I could still be a clown if no one else wanted and have a big impact on the show.


What was Conor’s favorite clown act that he remembers but did not participate in?

Min-Aqua Bats Clown Act - Conor & Kevin Bolger
Conor & Kevin Bolger camouflaged as duck hunters during goof.

There was one act in particular that I enjoyed as a kid. This was performed by the infamous Stephen Smith. He would bring two chairs onto the dock and pretend to be a dinosaur. He showed me how to warm up the water with his pee, and get a minnow out of your ear after being under water. I got the was able to perform with Stephen on numerous occasions and each time it was a blast to watch him work.


What was Conor’s favorite clown act that he participated in?

Part of the fun was actually planning this from home and finding outfits in our garage

I was a senior member when my younger brother joined the club. Though he was in his junior member year and didn’t have the opportunity to ski, I was able to pull strings and do goof with him. My favorite was clown act was when my brother and I dressed up as duck hunters and had toy guns. This was due to the fact that there were always ducks lingering around the aqua bowl and we actually got an excuse to torment the ducks. Part of the fun was actually planning this from home and finding outfits in our garage.

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