Collage of Min-Aqua Bats' Clowns

What Makes a Min-Aqua Bats’ Clown?

Charlie Tedstrom

Why did Charlie become a clown?

Min-Aqua Bats Clown Act - Charlie TedstromGrowing up going to ski shows multiple times a summer, the clown act was one of the parts of the show that I always looked forward to because it was always new and different. I was always looking around the crowd for the first glimpse of the crazy people that would appear out of nowhere and try to get in the show and maybe steal your popcorn.

I owe a lot of credit for me becoming a clown to Drew Milkent. He convinced me as a young Junior Member to get out of the clubhouse, wear funky looking and smelling clothes, and make a fool out of myself in front of hundreds of people. I am so glad he convinced me, because it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, and definitely helped me learn that it’s important to not take yourself or life too seriously.

Being a clown was really a fun way to bring a unique twist to every single show

Min-Aqua Bats Clown Act - Charlie Tedstrom and Peter WahmanBreaking the monotony of the announcer to crowd relationship is one of the key parts of the clown act that makes a Min-Aqua Bat show successful, in that it keeps the crowd engaged. Other shows just tell jokes that are pre-written and feel forced, while our version gives the crowd the opportunity to interact and become part of it. Being a clown was really a fun way to bring a unique twist to every single show, and I’m thankful that I got to put my mark on so many.


What was Charlie’s favorite clown act that he remembers but did not participate in?

My favorite clown act that I remember would have to be the blind date with Ted Galaty as Wilhelmina. It was just amazing to see him embrace that character, and keep it fresh and funny every time. Not to mention that seeing a large bald man dress up and talk like a woman is hard not to laugh at.


What was Charlie’s favorite clown act that the he participated in?

Min-Aqua Bats Clown Act - Charlie Tedstrom & Collin McFerrin
Collin McFerrin (top) & Charlie Tedstrom preparing for their Olympics with push ups.

It’s very hard to nail down an all time favorite clown act after 5+ full summers of them. However, I think my favorite would have to be the pickle salesman versus the zebra cakes salesman (a Stephen Smith idea). The bit was such a random premise that we could get away with saying and doing almost anything in the crowd, and it worked!

Stephen [Smith] stole the show every time.

The act of selling something and competing with the other clown was the perfect way to interact with the crowd and announcer. It was a premise to build upon and improvise from, which is great to have when you’re trying to stay creative, but need a new idea three times a week. It also helped that Stephen had a knack for making stuff up on the fly that was just genuinely hilarious. He stole the show every time. The pickle salesman versus zebra cakes salesman ended up being the act that I probably did the most in my career.

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