2017 Min-Aqua Bats Alumni Show

Min-Aqua Bats Show Photos: 2017 Alumni Show

Good morning and happy 4th of July!!!

We had an amazing alumni show last night, thank you to all the alumni that came out to ski or watch! As we continue our cannonball run through the 4th of July festivities, here are some photos from last night’s alumni show. We will continue to add more as we get them from various people that were in attendance taking pictures of the amazing thrills, chills, and spills at the 2017 Min-Aqua Bats alumni show.

Today we have the parade at 4pm through downtown Minocqua and a ski show at 7pm, see you there!

2017 Alumni Show Attendees / Skiers (Tryout Year)

  • Duke Hillinger (1973)
  • Lance Krolczyk
  • Terri Foster
  • Traci Goff (~1977)
  • Rusty Sawallish
  • Phil Smith
  • Christopher McEachron
  • Ryan Mallory
  • Tim Sperling (1992)
  • James Sperling (1994)
  • Aaron Coleman (1998)
  • Paul Molinaro
  • Wes Gabel (2003)
  • Jack Idlas (2003)
  • Zeke Fashingbauer (2003)
  • Ross Toigo (2003)
  • Courtney Jeffery
  • Amanda Cotter (2004)
  • Adam Koehler (2004)
  • Sarah (Baccich) Anderson
  • Megan Welz
  • Sydney Jeffery (2006)
  • Andrew McFerrin (2007)
  • Katie Patterson (2007)
  • Elin Wahman (2007)
  • Christian Wahman (2007)
  • Jake Harmsen
  • Collin McFerrin
  • Jarrod Wagner
  • Jenna Wilson

2017 Alumni Show Photos



Min-Aqua Bats

One of the oldest waterski show teams in the United States today, the Min-Aqua Bats Water Ski Club originated in 1950 with a group of local young people water skiing on Sunday afternoons. After noticing their efforts were attracting an audience, the skiers decided to put together a show. And so the Min-Aqua Bats Water Ski Club was born.